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Vivo Coffee

Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother - 330mls (6Cups)

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The Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother (6 cup) produces rich, creamy frothed milk for cappuccinos and flat whites easily at home. The silicone edge creates a seal and forces all the milk or cream to pass through the unique dual frothing screens, making milk more consistent and creamy than other frothers. A matte black finish coats the outside, while a non-stick teflon coating keeps milk from attaching to the inner walls of the frother. Key Features: Double froth screen creates a rich, creamy milk foam No electricity is required to create creamy frothed milk Non-stick inner coating is easy to clean and doesn’t allow milk to cling to it Heat resistant handle prevents you from burning yourself as you hold a hot pot Suitable for all types of stovetops, except induction